From our School Psychologist  

The purpose of Advisory is for teachers to engage students in social-emotional curriculum.

In addition, this time is for all students to have a chance to develop a connection with an advisor, other students, and the school as whole. 

Advisory Topics 2016-2017

  • Creating Courage : Take a Stand Against Bullying
  • Bullying Basics :  What is bullying?  What does bullying look like?
  • Personal Priorities :  Who am I? What is important to me?
  • Self-Confidence :  Why is self-confidence important?
  • In Control :  How do I handle my feelings? What are coping mechanisms? How should I respond?
  • Everyone Is Unique :  How are people different? How are people the same? How can I be respectful? Who can help?
  • Making and Keeping Friends :  What are the qualities of a good friend? What is peer pressure?
  • Resolving Conflicts :  What are my rights and responsibilities? What should I do?

Advisory Topics 2017-2018

  The Six Pillars of Character

  • TRUSTWORTHINESS:  Members of a community must be able to depend upon and trust one another.
  • RESPECT:  Means dealing peacefully with others, considering their feelings, and accepting their differences.
  • RESPONSIBILITY:  We all have a responsibility to create a school climate where all students can thrive.
  • FAIRNESS:  Means making sure no one is taken advantage of and everyone is able to use the resources available.
  • CARING:  Is a powerful antidote to bullying.  All bullying behaviors are uncaring in that they represent a disregard for who one's words and actions affect others.
  • CITIZENSHIP:  Good citizenship requires actively trying to make your school or community better. 

Advisory Resources!

What is Bullying?

More to come....


Mindfulness Definition 

Paying attention to, something, in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally!

Here is how to tune into mindfulness

  1. Set aside some time (you don't need a mediation cushion or bench :)
  2. Observe the present moment as it is (goal is to pay attention to a present moment)
  3. Let you judgement roll by
  4. Return to observing the present moment as it is
  5. Be kind to your wandering mind

What are the benefits :)

  • Connect better
  • Lower stress
  • Focus your mind
  • Reduce brain chatter