• Cental office has moved!

    Please note that our central office location has changed. The office moved to Preston Plains Middle School, located at 1 Route 164, Preston, Connecticut.

    Preston Public Schools
  • PPMS Newsletter

    Welcome and welcome back! The 2017-2018 school year has begun. We look forward to an exciting year of learning opportunities and growth for your children.  To provide you with information about what students will be learning across the curriculum in 6th, 7th and 8th grades, we will publish a newsletter at the beginning of each marking period (September, December and April).

    Read the attached newsletter to find all the first trimester news!

    Preston Plains Middle School
  • Acceptable Technology Use Agreements for Google Accounts

    Preston Public Schools is assigning Google accounts for students. Those accounts will be used as part of our educational program and will allow students, among other things, to store files online and participate in Google Classroom activities. Please contact us should you have any questions. Acceptable Technology Use Agreements have also been posted for your convenience. 

    Preston Public Schools
  • Preston Schools Facility Assessment

    See attached document for information regarding the Board of Finance's assessment of Preston schools and its recommendations.

    Preston Public Schools
  • End of the Year Information - Important Additions and Revisions

    Please see the attached letters from Dr. Davis-Tomczuk regarding upcoming end of the year activities.  Note the letter regarding the relocation of Field Day and the addition of a Destructive Decision Making assembly.

    Preston Plains Middle School
  • Change in scheduled PPMS Spring Concert concert

    The PPMS Spring Concert scheduled for Thursday, May 25th will take place at 6:00 pm rather than 7:00 pm.

    Preston Plains Middle School
  • 13 Reason Why

    See the attached letter regarding concerns about the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.

    Preston Plains Middle School
  • 8th Grade Boston Trip Parent Info

    Please see attached letter for details regarding the June 2, 2017, Boston trip for grade 8.

    Preston Plains Middle School
  • Shadowing at NFA

    We have recently changed the shadowing process for students wishing to visit NFA with a student enrolled there. See attached letter for details.

    Preston Plains Middle School
  • Pay for school lunch online

    Did you know you could pay for your student's lunch online? You may use your MasterCard, Visa or Discover credit or debit card to make electronic payments onto your student's account. The first step is to set up your user account with PowerSchool (use the link in quick links or one posted below), our student database system. Required access information was provided to you over the summer.

    Once you have established a PowerSchool account that is linked to your student's information, you will be able to access RevTrak, our merchant banking provider. This is our "banking" page. You may, of course, still pay by check or with cash but we hope this saves you valuable time.

    Should you have any additional questions, please call our schools' offices.

    PowerSchool link: https://pps.powerschool.com/public/

    Preston Public Schools

2017 Smarter Balanced Assessment

The Connecticut Department of Education (CSDE) revised their Smarter Balanced Assessment Reports. The report will now present two years of scores, comparing them side by side. CSDE made this change to emphasize a criterion-referenced interpretation for both achievement (i.e., how did my child perform relative to the achievement expectations) and growth (i.e., how did my child’s performance change from one year to the next).  As in past years, the report retains the normative data (i.e., district and school averages) in order to provide parents with an additional reference.

Click here to view samples of the report for English/Language Arts and Mathematics.

To assist parents with the interpretation of this Smarter Balanced report, the CSDE has created brief videos that are available in both English and Spanish. Those have been posted for your convenience.

English Video

Spanish Video

Homework Page

Find your daily assignments by class and teacher.

Online Books Access

Our Math books are accessible online.